Sjachvhir is an elder purple dragon who makes his underground lair near the PC’s starting town. He leaves the town alone, and treats humanoid visitors with some disdain or indifference, but almost never malice, provided they treat him with the proper respect.

Sjachvhir is not the dragon’s real name, but it is the only one he gives. It was given to him by the citizens of an ancient city. It means “Shadow Below” in draconic, and it suits him just fine. He is approximately 1800 years old.

The party has an arrangement with Sjachvhir, in that he finds locations for them to seek treasure, and in return takes a small percentage of said treasure (usually 25%). Occaisionally Sjachvhir will ask the PCs to retrieve a specific item (usually a map or cartographic tool), and in these cases he allows them to keep any additional treasure they find for themselves. In either case, he typically sends them on missions where he cannot physically go (due to size restrictions or when overland travel is required), or it is inconvenient for him to retrieve the items himself, for political or other reasons. In addition, the dragon will occasionally shelter the party, though he does not defend them and, if they ever led an enemy to his lair, no matter how minor, their arrangements would end.


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